Get clear about what matters most. Then pursue, relentlessly.

You get one life, so become your best self.

My Story, in a NYT Best Selling Author’s BOOK:

Last year, world-renowned leadership mentor Michael Hyatt filmed me telling my personal and entrepreneurial story to highlight how I accomplished my “Best Year Ever”. He’s also telling that story in his upcoming 2018 book, “Your Best Year Ever.” He’s been a trusted mentor who showed me what it means to believe in myself.

Listen to my episode on The Mentee Podcast

In January 2017 I joined my first paid mastermind group. It has helped me level up the people who influence me and challenge me to be better. Adam Eidsen, season 2 host of the podcast reached out to me to have a conversation that turned into a podcast episode! Learn more about my incredible journey to becoming My Best Self, and what it’s like to be a work at home doing her best to kick butt and take names (just sayin’).

Sharing the stage with Ryan Levesque, in vegas!!

Ryan Levesque is the creator of the counter-intuitive, yet powerful marketing method called the ASK Method®. As part of Ryan’s “Kick ASK” challenge I completed a 10,000 lead generation campaign in less than 12 weeks using his ASK® Method. He asked me to share the stage with him as a panelist at his ASK Live conference in Las Vegas, Nevada (Nov 2017). I’ll be sharing my methods and mindset that made it all possible.


Gee, good question – thanks for asking. I’m a fill-in marketing director for organizations who don’t have a formal marketing department. I help entrepreneurs brand themselves and position their unique value in the marketplace to double their business. I’m also a self-development junkie and am building a leadership development company on the side with my husband (you should ask him how fun date nights are now… we should really call them business dates). 


I vlog and am known for my frequent and unapologeticly candid Facebook Live videos. I’ve surrounded myself with world-class mentors like Geoff Woods, Michael Hyatt, and Ryan Levesque. I’ve started a community called My Best Self, where you can learn from the thousands of hours (and dollars !) I’ve invested into my personal development including paid masterminds, groups and the regular studying I do. It’s like readers digest version of all the amazing content out there around achieving goals, productivity, and doing more than you ever thought possible. 

If you want to play big in this life, and to be a part of a community of high-achieving, growth minded people, then the My Best Self community would be a great fit for you.


I love working with passionate, purposeful individuals and teams. I’ve started and sold a online community website, am growing a thriving digital marketing agency and work with clients on the side as a fill-in marketing director. I bring a strategic, creative mindset that prepares you to grow your income while freeing up time to do what matters most to you.


Being able to articulate your brand’s features and benefits will resonate with your tribe and increase engagement, purchases, and loyalty. I will help you clarify your message, create a visual brand identity, and teach you to use your brand positioning statement to make smart and strategic marketing decisions.


Be confident that you are spending your time, energy and money on activities that get you traction towards your unique goals. Most businesses aren’t clear on what they “should be doing”. I can audit your existing marketing and social media, or help you set up everything from scratch. I’ll teach you the three steps to creating content for social that your audience will care about and engage with.


Successful influencers and businesses today need thier own online platform to build a solid foundation for growth and development. My agency can create website that converts your audience into paying customers and raving fans. We provide a holistic approach to websites, helping you be successful witht the three keys to a profitable website: traffic, conversions and nuturing.


A bit about me:

 I’ve wanted to be an astronaut since 2nd grade. During a summer internship in Chicago I had lunch with my childhood hero, Jim Lovell, captain of Apollo 13. I’ve always enjoyed learning, and am a productivity and personal development junkie! My birthday is Christmas Eve, I’ve been skydiving, started and sold a business, and have traveled to four continents. I am a salsa connoisseur, enjoy astrophotography, and have a weakness for my husband’s blue eyes (but mostly his compassionate heart).  I’m an aspiring minimalist… while raising two adorable kids.

Random fun facts:

I love relaxing in the sunshine, enjoying heart to heart talks with family and friends, the Apollo Space program, and British accents.

I am pro at buying and selling designer handbags, enjoy staying fit with kickboxing and yoga, creating epic playlists on Spotify, and reading self-improvement books… 

I read business books for fun, and enjoy laughing as often as possible. I take action on implementing solutions and stand firm for my values. I believe leaders should love and empower teams in order to be successful. I believe in doing fewer things really well, than too many things sub-par. Being organized and clutter-free empowers me to achieve more and reduce stress.



Geoff Woods | Michael Glauser | Casey Neistat | Michael Hyatt | William Kelley