I cover topics like entrepreneurial spirit, becoming your “best self”, mindset, and morning routines.

Your Website is an Investment, Are You Doing it Right?

A happy hello to all all reading this, Entrepreneurship is changing the way we live, work and play. Because of the internet we can be prancing in Prague, while still earning cash online. Do you own a website? Yes. OK... How effective is your website at turning viewers...

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New Instagram Business Profile is a Game Changer

  IF I WERE YOU .... SWITCH YOUR PROFILE, DON'T DELAY! Today I switched over a few of my client's Instagram accounts to Business Profiles. This update to Instagram provides many advantages that will help your grow your business, understand customer demographics and...

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How I Organize My Evernote

What is Evernote? Evernote is the collection of thoughts, articles, tasks, lists, processes, recordings, photos and/or other nonsense from my brain that I want be able to recall at some point in the future. Are You New to Evernote and Completely Lost? So Was I. When I...

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When I was Promoted 3X in 12 Hours: SLC ComicCon

In the spring of 2014, my husband convinced me to volunteer at the Salt Lake City ComicCon. If you don't know, ComicCon is a large multi-day convention dedicated to fans of comic books, movies, and other entertainment. Perhaps you've seen cosplayers dressed up as...

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My Favorite Social Media Platforms: YouTube and Blab

I'm sure you've enjoyed YouTube videos before, but have you heard of Blab? Blab is a way to watch and engage in conversations online. Anyone with a smart phone or web browser can participate. You join conversations and can participate in the video call or just stay in...

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