“People just wanna be treated as people!”
In this video I talk about what mindset leaders and managers MUST HAVE today in order to find success in their personal and professional lives.
The problem today is people are being treated like things. Rather than seeing people for their skills, creativity, and ingenuity they are treated as a cog in a machine.
This problem that Stephen Covey addresses in The 8th Habit comes from a progression of increases in productivity as technology develops (hunters/gatherers, to farmers, to industrial farms, to the industrial age, the the knowledge worker age, to the internet age). Each leap forward brings 50X more productivity, and new tools and a new mindsets that come. To succeed in today’s world you must develop an outward mindset that sees people as HUMAN BEINGS. To do this we find our voice and help others find their voice.
When it comes your your profession/career where do you feel your energy on this scale? Leave a comment:
– I’m ready to rebel or quit
– I maliciously obey
– I willingly comply
– I cheerfully cooperate
– I feel a heartfelt committment
– I feel creative excitement
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