Today I switched over a few of my client’s Instagram accounts to Business Profiles. This update to Instagram provides many advantages that will help your grow your business, understand customer demographics and preferences, and be able to build your presence with data-driven decisions.

You guys, this is awesome! I love seeing social media giants pivot and adapt to what its users need and want. This article is a short and sweet overview of how and why you should change your business’s Instagram account over to a Business Profile today.

Please share this article if you found it helpful. This is just rolling out, so more likely than not you’re one of the first people who has heard about it. Cool!


Here are a few of the game changing features you’ll notice when you get switched over:

  • Contact Button – Add phone number to call or text, email,  or location so customers can reach you directory from a button on your profile. This is HUGE! Customers can now call or text you with the click of a button? What huge opportunity to WOW your customers. I think most businesses will want to take advantage of this to answer questions and secure sales in the moment the customers is thinking about it. This is a great example of a micro-moment you can win!

IMG_7328-1 After you click “Contact”, buttons pop up from the bottom to allow you to Call, Email, Text, or Get Directions.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 3.11.49 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-15 at 3.11.37 PM


  • Insights on followers and post performance – since i’ve just switched my profiles over it won’t show any data yet, but when it does I’ll update this post.
  • Create promotions within Instagram
  • Manage Payment Options – connect your Instagram profile to a specific Facebook Ad account to run ads and grow your business


Here are step by step instructions to get your Business Profile set up today.

  1. Login to the Instagram profile you want to update
  2. Click the Setting “wheel” on the top right of your home page
  3. Click “Switch to Business Profile” ***NOTE: Your profile MUST be public in order to be a business profile
  4. Login with Facebook
  5. Select the Facebook Page you want associated with your Instagram Business Profile
  6. Add your Business Information
  7. Click Done


Google has done a lot of research on “micro-moments” (you can read more HERE). Updating your Instagram profile to a Business Profile and linking your Facebook Page and business info is a giant step towards winning the moments when your customer is ready to purchase. With this change you’ll be able to:

  • grow your sales
  • pinpoint which posts are most effective
  • better understand customer demographics and preferences
  • build your Instagram presence with data-driven decisions
  • give your customers fast access to your contact info
  • respond to your customers in real time (text message feature)
  • tell customers exactly where you are located – don’t make them Google search it!

If you need help with your social media, I am currently looking to add 1-2 additional clients. I’d love to discuss your situation over the phone or over a smoothie to see if I can help you. Since I am a small business, I can tailor my skills to meet your needs. Whether than be an ongoing relationship, or just helping you set up and run your own social media and digital marketing efforts. I’ve used my network to help entrepreneurs grow their followers and I’m happy to share my knowledge with you.