I’m sure you’ve enjoyed YouTube videos before, but have you heard of Blab?

Blab is a way to watch and engage in conversations online. Anyone with a smart phone or web browser can participate. You join conversations and can participate in the video call or just stay in the chat bar. It’s a great way to discuss topics with thought leaders and other influencers who are interested in your topics.

I love that you can talk with┬ápeople anywhere on the earth and have a conversation. Plus, I’ll admit… I love being in front of the camera. So it makes it fun for me.

So go download the app, or visit blab.im to try it out!

Also, I’ll admit that I’m a fan of periscope. However, as I’ve continued to use it, I’ve found it a bit more “spammy” than blab. I prefer the more professional atmosphere of Blab.