A happy hello to all all reading this,

Entrepreneurship is changing the way we live, work and play.

Because of the internet we can be prancing in Prague, while still earning cash online.

Do you own a website?

Yes. OK… How effective is your website at turning viewers into leads, or raving fans?

If your answer is… uh, I have no clue then GREAT! You’ve made it to exactly where you need to be to change that. Most small business owners these days don’t have a conversion strategy built into their website, and if they do they make it all about the business rather than about the customer.

What’s a Website conversion strategy?

You’ll be glad you asked. The simplest way to put it, is a specific, pre-designed course of action that you want your website traffic to take that leads them into a sales funnel or automated marketing.

How do I know if my website is “doing it right”?

There are certain features and design elements that an effective website has. I’ve created a handy downloadable for you if you’re interested in seeing how your website compares to a list of 47 points you should be thinking of when designing a website that creates you stream of new leads (aka cash to go skydiving in New Zealand).

What outcomes should I be measuring from my website?

Traffic, unique visitors, time spend on your website… these and plenty more metrics are available for free with Google Analytics (which you must be using if you are wanting to measure and grow your success). But with so many variables which ones are the right ones?

This may depend on your business, your objectives and many other factors. Here are the ones that I find to be helpful:

Number of Unique Visitors/month:

This tells you the number of eyes seeing looking at you and deciding whether or not to take action on your offer

Conversion rate

This is a number expressed as a % that represents the number of people taking action on your offer. If 100 people visit your website and 1 clicks on your email newsletter… then you have a 1% conversion rate. Which by the way is nothing to scoff at… for the “top” of a sales funnel you can expect smaller numbers like this. It’s only until you drill down further into the sales funnel that you’ll see 3%, 15% or even 50% conversion rates.

Average Value per Customer

So many people ask “well, what should I spend on marketing”. Great question, yet it depends. To answer this, one factor you must consider is the average value that each new customer will bring to your business. ARe they buying a $50 product, with a 20% change of buying it again? Then that person is worth $60 in potential income to you. Would you pay $50 to make $60? (Say, yes). Would you pay $10 to make $60? (Say, yes, with more enthusiasm…).

Should you work harder or smarter on your website conversion strategy?

Working harder

When a business owner decides to “work harder” that usually means it will cost them more of their own time. What is your time worth to you? Think about your hourly rate. Would you pay a really crappy web designer and copywriters $200/hour to work on your website for 2X, 3X or even 10X longer than needed because they didn’t know what they were doing?

Well… that is exactly what you’re doing as a business owner who doesn’t understand how to build a website and design that converts traffic into leads.

Working Smarter

When a business owner decides to “work smarter” that usually means it costs them more money but it is a worthwhile investment that pays them loads in return. They hire a pro who knows what they’re doing, pays them a fair wage for the value they provide, and doesn’t waste any time working on something he or she isn’t skilled at.

It’s not always cash flow positive for a business owner or entrepreneur to invest in a quality sales funnel and marketing strategy. But how much are you willing to pay (in TIME and MONEY) for the results that will allow you to grow you business, keep yourself doing what you love AND what you’re good at, and then book that flight to Thailand to feed baby elephants and explore the jungle. Or buy a boat and entertain friends with private parties under a star-filled sky.

So what do I do about all this?

What’s next you say? How about this:

  • Pull up your website and look at it from a perspective buyer. Is it clear what they should do next? Does your website tell the right story with its words and images?
  • Check your Google Analytics (or set it up for heavens sake!) and see what your traffic has been like in the past 3 months.
  • Download my free “Am I Doing It Right” Website Homepage checklist, figure out if your website is “doing it right or not”… and the secret offer I’m offering to help website owners like you get more leads within a week
  • Decide if you want to work harder or smarter. Think resources first, not money. What do you already have going for you? Who do you know that can help? What assets do you own or connections do you have that can help you achieve the goals you have for your business.
  • Send me a tweet or ping me on LinkedIn… I’m ALWAYS up for talking business. And anytime my husband can get out of talking “entrepreneur” with me I know he’d love you for it 😉

Hugs and love,